Summertime blues show

Judge: Alison Driessen

July 2021 Video

Best in Show
Life Endures
Kati Cowan

Masters 1st
Clothes on the Line
Rosemarie Woldin

Masters 2nd
Betty Erickson

Masters 3rd
Godfather 3
Joan Segel

Masters HM
View from the Rear
Joan Segel

Oil 1st
Beach Day
Barbara Glaze

Oil 2nd
Seascape I
Jinx Lennon

Oil 3rd
Felicita Park
Kathy Aldrich

Jinx Lennon

Watercolor/Acrylic 1st Sailing Time
Ranka Vukmanic

Watercolor/Acrylic 2nd
Blue Paradise
Lena Macdonald

Watercolor/Acrylic 3rd
Race to the Barn
Karen Wilson

Watercolor/Acrylic HM
Calm Waters 
Elizabeth McIntyre

Other 1st
Cloud Illusions
Kati Cowan

Other 2nd
One Golden Afternoon
Jerry Mason

Other 3rd
Homage to Giverny Impression
Mary Brown

Other HM
Summer Joy
Kati Cowan