August 2023

Judged by David Lesinski
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Artist:   Lana Sylber


1st Place - Oil
"California Dreamin'"
Jinx Lennon

2nd Place - Oil
Pat Hunter

3rd Place - Oil
Sean Cathey

1st Place - Acrylic
"The One True Thing"
Tokeli Baker

2nd Place - Acrylic
"Bad Moons Rising"
Annie Kilgore

3rd Place - Acrylic
"Native Fair"
Jorge Garza

1st Place - Mixed Media
"Illustrated Man"
Larry Baker

2nd Place - Mixed Media
"Pathway II" 
Mary Brown

3rd Place - Mixed Media 
"Hope Springs Eternal" 
Judy Ipema

1st Place - Watercolor
Kene Lohmann

2nd Place - Watercolor
"Persimmon Tree"
Adrian Stewart

3rd Place - Watercolor
Elaine Griveas

1st Place - Photography & Digital Media
"Old Man and Friend"
Ralph Martin

2nd Place - Photography & Digital Media
"Psalm 19"
Jennifer Wallace

3rd Place - Photography & Digital Media
Ralph Martin

Honorable Mentions

"Bird Watcher'"
Lana Sylber

Haliva Ivanova

"Pisces Rising"
Madeline Uebelher

Ranka Vukmanic

"Tears of Joy"
Peggy Stokes


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